TecDam Innovations S.L.
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46007, Valencia

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TecDam was born in January 2019. Our ambition is creating high quality and innovative products that impact people’s lives for the better.

We started out as ‘AppDam’ when we quickly realised we could offer more than ‘just apps’. And so, TecDam was born. We are an agency specialised in every step of the journey to your new product. We advice and look together with the client to see what the best solution will be per client. We currently have a client base located in both Spain and The Netherlands.

We mainly create:

• Apps, either hybrid or native
• Websites, either landingspages or webshops
• Designs, wireframes or UX/UI designs

We will study your needs and find what’s the best approach, either if you need some rapid prototyping or a reliable scalable app for the long term.

We scrum!

By using Scrum we work together in an iterative process towards a defined goal. Thanks to this working method, the product is available much earlier in the development cycle than with standard methodologies. Not familiar with Scrum? Don’t worry, our certified scrum master will gladly introduce it to you and tell you all about the benefits of Scrum within a team.


Our main office is located in the beautiful Valencia, Spain. With a daily dose of sun, tapas and cafe’s nearby, Valencia is worth a visit!

Meet the team

We’re a small team, but constantly growing. We have several freelancers working with us at the moment. We’re always excited to grow and have new talent join our team.

Check our job openings page if you’re interested in joining the team!

Interested to see what we can do for you?

We’d love to hear from you. +34 644 703 501